Gingerbread Milk Tea

Gingerbread Milk Tea

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Milk Tea Recipe


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Jenny and Pam

Christmas isn't Christmas without some gingerbread! So imagine making some Gingerbread Bubble Tea to get into the festive spirit! 😌 This year, instead of leaving out a glass of milk for Santa why not leave out a cup of Gingerbread Milk Tea?! πŸŽ…

Chuck on the Xmas tunes and enjoy a hot or cold cup of Gingerbread bubble tea by the fireplace (or airc-onditioning)! It's creamy, milky and toasty!

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  • 1 Black Tea bag

  • 2 Tablespoons of Gingerbread Syrup (30ml)

  • 200ml of Your Choice of Milk

  • (Optional) 30g of Tapioca Pearls


    Let's start:

    1. Place one black tea bag into 50ml of hot water, steep for 5 minutes (or adjust accordingly to your personal preference) and then remove the tea bag.

    2. Add 2 tablespoon of gingerbread syrup (30ml) into the tea mixture.

    3. Stir until dissolved


    1. Place half a glass of ice into a cup

    2. Pour in the gingerbread black tea mixture

    3. Add 200ml of your choice of milk

    4. (Optional) Top it off with your cooked pearls

    And you're finished!

    PRO TIP: If you steep the tea bag in more water and for longer, you can create more serves of tea.

    Drink and love your Xmas Gingerbread Milk tea.

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