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What is bubble tea?

Bubble tea is a delicious drink that you can make however you like! It originated in Taiwan and has now taken the world by storm!

How do I make my own Bubble Tea and how do I cook my tapioca pearls?

Please check ourrecipe page!

How do I store my ingredients?

You can find how to care and store your ingredientshere

How long does it take for my bubble tea to be delivered?

If you're in Australia, standard shipping can vary from 2 to 14 business days, but in most cases, you should allow approximately 5 business days from the purchase date.If you're in another country, standard shipping takes around 3-14 days, but in most cases you should allow 7 business days from your purchase date.

What is the shelf life of my Tapioca pearls, powders, syrups and toppings?

All of our toppings such as pearls, jellies and popping pearls have three months shelf life, powders have one year shelf life and our syrups have a shelf life of 18 months :).

Do the kits come with the cup?

They come separately! You can purchase the ones in the picturehere

Do you do wholesale?

Yes, it will depend on what you want to sell using the ingredients. Send us an email at contact@bubbleteaclub.com.au with your enquiry.

What if I want a few different flavours?

You can choose our Mix and Match Pack which allows you to choose up to 2 different flavours.

Can I adjust my sweetness level?

Yes! You can adjust the fructose level to your taste.

Where does your product come from?

All our products come from the home of bubble tea: Taiwan.

Do you guys provide wider straws?

Yes! Every pack comes with paper bubble tea straws. We also have reusable straws and cups on the way.

Are the products vegan?

All of our fruit teas, Brown Sugar, Brown Sugar Matcha Milk teas and toppings are vegan. However, our flavoured milk teas are not vegan because they contain a dairy creamer with whey and casein. But, the Matcha and Original milk teas are vegan if you swap out the creamer for your own milk!

What are the toppings for?

Adding different toppings to your drink could help you explore new flavour and texture combos.

Can I swap toppings?

Don’t fancy pearls? Just let us know in the notes what you would prefer and we will do our best to accommodate.

How long will it take to receive my product?

You will receive your product within 14 days of your order. Head to our shipping page for more information.

Which of the products are gluten free?

All of the toppings and fruit teas are gluten free. Our flavoured milk teas aren't gluten free but the Original Milk Tea is gluten free if you swap it out for your own gluten free milk.

Are the Tapioca pearls gluten free?

They sure are!

Do you have any dairy-free options?

If you're trying to avoid dairy completely, I'd recommend the brown sugar syrup milk tea recipe as it doesn't contain any of the creamer ! We don't currently have official Bubble Tea Club dairy-free-based creamers, but you can customise your own teas by replacing the creamer that comes in the kit with your own milk :)

Are your fruit syrups and popping pearls halal?

Unfortunately our products aren't halal as they do use alcohol to clean the production line. I hope this helps! :)

How do you cook the Tapioca Pearls?

1. Prepare 360mL of water in a pot and bring to a boil over a stove. 2. Put in the pearls into the boiling water. 3. Once you put the pearls in, set a timer for 20 minutes and stir occasionally over a low flame or until your desired chewiness. - If you want chewier, you can keep the pearls for around 5 minutes more. 4. Then you just drain the water!

Do you need to boil the popping pearls?

No it doesn't! Only the Tapioca Pearls need to be boiled

What is the pricing for shipping? How does shipping work?

Shipping pricing is a flat rate of $9.95 Australia-Wide with free shipping if your order more than $79. Learn more about shippinghere

My friend code doesn't work?

There's a minimum order value of $50 for the $10 code to work, which is why your code may not be working! Please contact contact@bubbleteaclub.com.au if you have more than $50 and the code is still not working properly :)

How do I join to be able to collaborate with you?

We'd love to collaborate and work together as part of the club! Just send an email to contact@bubbleteaclub.com.au and we'd love to work together!