Our Drinks

Summer Vibes in a Cup: Dive into the cool and refreshing world of our bubble teas, perfect for beating the summer heat.

Costa Coffee Latte

Milk Tea

Indulge in the Creamy Delight

Immerse yourself in the velvety goodness of our milk tea collection. Crafted with the finest ingredients and steeped to perfection, our milk teas offer a creamy and comforting experience that will satisfy your cravings

Costa Coffee Flat White

Fruit Tea

Customise Your Fruity Fusion:

Personalise your fruit tea adventure by customising your drink. Adjust the sweetness level, choose your preferred fruit combinations, and add in refreshing extras like fruit bobas or fruit jelly for an extra layer of texture and excitement. Create a fruit tea that perfectly suits your taste and preferences.

Costa Coffee Cappuccino

Fizzy Drink

Fizz into Satisfaction

At One Bubble, we take pride in serving exceptional fizzy drinks that bring a fizz of happiness to your day. Join us and dive into the world of effervescence, where every sip of our fizzy drinks is a celebration of delightful flavours. Indulge in the fizzy fusion and embrace the sparkling refreshment of our fizzy drink collection.

Costa Coffee Americano

Pure Tea

Unveiling Natural Flavours

Explore a spectrum of natural flavours in our pure tea selection. From delicate green teas to robust black teas and aromatic herbal infusions, each pure tea is thoughtfully sourced and expertly brewed to highlight the unique characteristics and profiles of the tea leaves, offering a pure and authentic tea experience.

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Costa Coffee Latte

Nutrition and allergens advice

Check our Menu for all the nutritional information on our current range of unpackaged food and drink items. Or, follow the link below to download a full allergen guide on our in-store products.