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  • Step 1.Steep and pour in your tea

    You'll have a teabag if you get the original milk tea or a fruit tea kit. Otherwise, you'll get our signature tea powders.

  • Step 2. Add your choice of milk

    If you get a fruit tea, you'll get fruit syrup to pour in, instead of milk!

  • Step 3. Add toppings

    Our fav part! Add in whatever toppings you like and your bubble tea is finished in 3 easy steps!

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ONE BUBBLE is UK's leading DIY bubble tea company for anywhere and anytime.

ONE BUBBLE has everything you need to make delicious homemade bubble tea. If you love bubble tea and are looking for a make your own bubble tea kit, this is the place!
Join over 60,000 Bubblers (that's what we call our lovely customers!) making 
yummy bubble tea with ONE BUBBLE today.